Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Take your IE Mobile to the next level!

It's undeniable the IE Mobile that comes with WinMob 6 is not the best web browser out there in the market, critics & analysts have rated IE Mobile and their verdict is to put it at the bottom from the web browser power list (well, not all of them put it at the most bottom). Of course as a modern gadget lover, it's very healthy to question the truth of those reviews and found out by yourself.
After spending almost more than a week with my Treo 750v, and surfed the web with standard IE Mobile; I must say it isn't that bad. Sure, if you used to Palm Blazer or Opera Mobile; IE Mobile is actually slower compared to them. The one I really like is it feels just like it's brethren IE desktop, you can fill in the field without opening a new window and you can explore the drop down menu at current web site you're visiting.
Still, we all are amazed how those smart guys at Redmond, Microsoft's headquarter, don't make IE Mobile as lethal as it's many competitors out there. So here we are trying to find add-ons & plugins for IE Mobile... that if you wish to keep on using it for web surfing.
I found ReenSoft product just for that, called PIEPlus. Overall PIEPlus is a complete add-ons for your standard IE Mobile, there are so many features that it feels almost like the MS newest IE 7 we use in desktop.
The multi tab is pretty fast and simple to use, and I finally find the 'Save picture as' & 'Save as' features; felt like my hands are tied without those features in standard IE Mobile. Another feature that I really like and I believe will be very useful is the point & drag screen, very handy when you wish to quickly scroll up and down the IE screen. There are so many other features that I can't mention them all one by one, but you can find out about them at their site.
Again Treo 750 small screen resolution has become another obstacle to experience maximum internet mobility, the 240x240 pixels screen feels too small and crowded to display multi tab IE.

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