Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bundle your musics into PocketMusic 5

Many of you must have felt the same as me when you played music on your Treo 750 the first time, WinMob automatically open WinMediaPlayer 10 for Pocket PC which came as one of standard applications. Although I'm not complaining much on the sound quality of WMP 10, for me the most drawback of using it is Treo's battery will be drained quickly as you enjoy your favourite tunes. My Treo 750v screen will be dimmed after awhile, depending on how long you set it's screen to be turned off. But it's actually still on, that's why you must be careful if you forgotten to turn off the WMP 10. Another trick maybe is to turn off the Treo 750 screen, but the WMP 10 will stop playing the songs too until you turn the screen on back again.
So I tried this PocketMind's product called PocketMusic 5 Bundle, which can solve the problem I mentioned up there. You could make settings in it to turn off Treo 750 screen at any given time you wish to, while PocketMusic 5 still playing your musics. This will greatly save up Treo's battery, just in case you need to make those emergency calls.
Another extended feature PocketMusic 5 has is the capability to make as many playlists as you need, and then play them in order you set. You could set buttons short cut as well while you're at it, so you can jump from one playlist to another. So easy and handy, specially when I'm behind the wheel.
If a call is coming in, PocketMusic 5 can stop the current music you play and then resume back after you finish the call.
PocketMind has made adjustments for Treo 750 small screen resolution, that's why the screenshots you see here & at their website won't be quite the same. PocketMusic 5 works great on WinMob 6, although I feels a little bit of sluggish whenever I activate it for the first time; there's actually a crash once when I tried to do multitasking while PocketMusic was on.

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