Thursday, December 20, 2007

My 3 wishlist for the next Palm Treo

Everybody are making their wishlists because Santa is coming soon in just a few more weeks, I came up with an idea of my own wishlist for the next upcoming Palm's smartphone; a.k.a. Treo 800w.
After reading all of those analysts and users reviews (and complaints too), I decided to put 3 most wanted wishes and here they are:
1.) Slimmer body, no one is denying that Palm's Treo is so bulky and heavy specially if it's inside your tight small pocket. Come on Palm you can do it, we know Motorolla has done this along ago and amazed us all with their Razr lineups.
2.) WiFi 802.11n, wouldn't it be amazing if Palm can put the newest 11n (still in Draft 2.0) and become the company that sets standard of PDA / smartphone again like they used to?
3.) Best hardwares out there to offer. This includes faster processor, bigger internal memory, and larger touch screen. Because those hardwares are already used in iPhone & HTCs, and have become new standard for best device in the market.
I'm about to inserted new Palm OS for the fourth wish, but considering Palm has decided to slowly develop it until it's ready for release in 2009; I believe it is for the best to keep this one as next Christmas wishlists. Palm fans are eagerly waiting for this new OS, and we hate it when it doesn't make a breakthrough features that can make Palm OS stand out in already competitive mobile phones industry; right guys?
What about you, what are your wishlists for the next Palm Treo?
(blogging with my Treo)

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