Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not so boring traffic jam because of my Treo 750v

I was dead bored yesterday as I was sitting in my car, stucked in a very long traffic jam on a highway. It's the last work day for office workers, as it's going to be quite long weekend holidays before Christmas & New Year.
Didn't realize my Treo 750v presence until it vibrated inside my pocket to tell me there's a new email came in. After read few new emails with it, I picked the new tunes I've downloaded before and played them on.
Just after half an hour later, still inside the traffic jam, I decided to play ChessGenius & Astraware's Plantastic. The traffic jam was so terrible, even I managed to play with my Treo 750v while driving.
The games only managed to kept me accompanied for few minutes, that's when I started to wrote this post. But as I wrote it, the cars began to accelerate as sign of the traffic jam cleared.
Thanks to Treo for keeping me busy from a boring traffic jam!
(posted with my Treo)

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