Friday, December 21, 2007

Digital Life Style

I’ve read Sammy’s blog about the necessity of email, internet & mobile phone for him nowadays. And after reading it, I get the same question popped in my head: “Do I need those too?”. I can’t say that I don’t need them, but the exact answer will be I can live without them; not really in the exreme way like what if all of a sudden there’s a ‘Fire Sale Day” (like in the Die Hard 4 movie) and we all have to live without our gadgets anymore. What I meant is that if I has to disconnected from internet and mobile phones completely, of course I can; but I won’t have the pleasure of experiencing global and mobile life any longer. For instance, internet for me is the source for entertainment and informations; these have been pretty much what have been filling my days now. How dull it is to wait until some news and everything that are connected with entertainment have become expired until they finally reach to you? That’s what happened when internet hasn’t become a part of our lives.
How about mobile phones then? I’ve been remembering the days without one, there was at least once awful experience we all must had. Like when you made a date or scheduled a meeting with someone important at a quite distant place you live, after hours of waiting; you decided to go home to found out that the date / meeting had been called off because of something. Many other examples we had, most of them must be a real funny stories to tell our children and grand-children who now surely have one in their hands. And with more convergence use of mobile phones and PDA, such as Palm Treo, we’ll be using a single device for doing multitask jobs. Like email, now you can do send and receive it from your mobile phone; basically you won’t miss a thing unless you lost your mobile phone (it’s a nightmare for every gadget users). But today while I’m sitting at a local coffee shop, I bring along my laptop and Treo 750v with me. I paused for while when I’m about to pull one of them and think, which one should I use? My Treo 750v pretty much can do what the laptop can, although the screen is pretty small and crowded; or should I turn on the laptop? Finally I use the laptop, cause ever since I bought Treo I haven’t use again outside the desk...
To sum up all of the talks above; email, internet, mobile phones, computers, etc. are digital life style that can’t be seperated from the life of modern people who have tasted and use them every day. A life style is something that we do every day, and has become of what we are. Do I want to leave these all behind? I don’t think so... Do you?

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