Sunday, December 23, 2007

Make your Treo 750 to be your personal translator & tutor mobile

For you who travel to many countries that their languages you don’t understand, or maybe for you who like to learn new languages and wish to do so while you’re on the go, not behind a desk of a class; then a dictionary & phrasebook inside your Treo 750 is suitable for you. Utilize your Treo 750 to be your translator and the source of words, so there’ll be less miscommunication whenever you need to talk with foreign people.
I’ve tried
LingvoSoft’s products called Talking Dictionary & Phrasebook 2007, which the language I taken are both English<->Chinese Simplified. I need to learn as fast as I can, because me and couple of friends are planning to take a holiday trip to China. Just for few days, but it’ll be such troublesome since there’s only one guy who can talk Chinese; so I can’t always rely on him to translate everything I need.
First, I must say that I’m quite impressed by LingvoSoft’s vast library of languages they have to offer; most impressive is they made talking phrases and dictionaries too. These mean a lot to me, specially for the Talking Phrasebook application I tried is simply will come to handy when I’m actually in China. All I’ve got to do is choose the important phrase I need and then push the talk button, so I don’t have to show the translation on my Treo 750v small screen.
The overall of both applications I try are pretty much easy to use, in Talking Dictionary all you need is write down the word you know in English and then the application will automatically search it’s database. If you have installed the China keyboard (included in the installation) as well, then you can write on Chinese words and look up for the English translation instead. While the Talking Phrasebook require you to choose first what category you wish to talk about, like traveling or eating etc. Then you must browse on the already available phrases in it’s database, they usually are the most commonly used in everyday conversation. After you’ve found one, you can push the talk button to hear the phrase sounds like.
There aren’t much to say about the user interface from both products, they’re clean and only contain necessary icons you’ll ever use. Only few different colours are available to change the user interface though. And the most drawback using LingvoSoft’s vast language database is the slow response if you installed them into Storage Card instead of Main Memory of Treo,which I guess can’t be help since many users have reported slow response from Windows Mobile if you try to access applications installed in the Strage Card. I found a small error occured if you installed the 2007 edition (LingvoSoft has released the 2008 edition) into Treo 750; it has something to do with the compability with IE Mobile. There’s a new option available in IE Mobile after the installation of LingvoSoft’s products: “Show Word Translation”, which basically translate the words in the website into particular applications. The error occured everytime I push the back button to go back to the previous website, IE Mobile will always closes itself and sometimes freeze. After making contact with Paul Feo as LingvoSoft’s Customer Support Manager, he recommend me to install a CAB file to patch this issue. The CAB file works like magic by installing a new patch called “LingvoSoft IE integrator” into my Treo 750v; you can grab the file
here, it works fine with Windows Mobile 6.

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