Monday, December 24, 2007

A great evening and Treo just add more fun to it

Today I had a shabu-shabu food with my sister, her husband & my niece. After our stomach is full and we just sat down chatting, I pulled out my Treo 750v and opened a note that's filled with 'strange' words (still in English) that we're hardly hear everyday.
So I kinda do a little trivia quiz with them, and I looked into Lexisgoo English Dictionary v3.0 I've just installed (I'll do a quick review after the weekend) for their real meaning. Kinda fun, because all of our first guess are wrong and we do the "aaah" after knowing it.
Then our conversation went into Korean restaurants names, we did guess which name that sounds familiar but also popular. I quickly launched IE Mobile to search any of them online, and found this one "bibimbab" which means "mixed rice". Pretty good one I'll say, and this sparked another conversations among us. But we had to end our talk and start walking to let loose our tighten full stomach.
That's a great family gathering for me, and Treo just add more fun whenever I needed it to.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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