Monday, December 24, 2007

Mobile english dictionary

I just make a good use for the Lexisgoo English Dictionary v3.0 yesterday evening when I had dinner with family (see previous post), sometimes there are some words that you encountered and can't shake them off your head; wanting to know what they really mean. Having a digital dictionary inside your Treo 750 is very handy & useful, because you can look it up anywhere and anytime you wish to before you forgotten the words. Other use perhaps (if not considered cheating) is to have it while playing scrabble, more cool to hold a Treo than an old bulky dictionary book you keep in your bookshelf. Like this PPCLink product I try, have already support WinMob 6 and square screen of Treo 750; I installed it into the Storage Card and it works fine & quite fast too. There are web browser smart text selection support if you'd like to know fast without the hassle to launch the application, it's compatible with IE Mobile & Opera browser. Besides the extended and vast library it has that I like about, it's plain and simple user interface also makes it very easy to use. Although it'll be more cheerful if PPCLink could throw in more colorful themes...
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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