Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Surprising Christmas 2007

Christmas is surely full of surprises, this year I received several text messages on my Treo 750v from people that I never expected before. First of all I got a news from my ex-girlfriend that she's getting married next year (suddenly I felt like in Ben Stiller's newest movie: Heartbreak Kid), afterward there are 4 others that I've never knew the phone numbers before; but later on I found out they actually someone I know long time ago. This got me thinking for a little while, there's always someone out there with Christmas spirit and spread it to everybody they can. Such a heart warming, to know that good spirited people are still around you even at the least person you never expect to do so. So I typed several replies to them all (also to families, friends, colleagues, etc.), lucky I have Treo 'cause if not my thumb will get sore writing long text messages. I never wanted to use a mass sending SMS application, it feels more personal if I add the recepient's name & family. That's how I start my day of Christmas with my Treo 750v, and I downloaded Christmas themes & ringtones to it too. Merry Christmas everyone!
(blogged with my Treo 750v & picture is courtesy of Rylee Rider)

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