Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Better web surfing with Opera Mobile

Some of you might never like IE in the first place, now when you held your Treo 750 and get to know Pocket IE (PIE); you might not like it either. I must agree to some points people are making, that PIE is just too plain for experienced web surfers. Microsoft surely too slow to pick up what's new and in for the sake of their own users, either they're affraid to make mistakes or they just have became a big corporate company to slow to move. That's when Opera browser has become increasingly popular with those who're looking for alternative, Opera took the opportunity from Microsoft's slow response; and they've launched a new Opera Mobile browser v8.65 for WinMob. Long awaited features such as support for Flash Player 7 & FlashLite 2.1, tap and scroll, etc. have been available, and of course the most popular tab browsing is already a standard feature for Opera browser that even PIE hasn't have this one in WinMob 6. I've witnessed myself Opera Mobile browser is faster to open any websites, specially the ones with Flash Player & FlashLite in them. It also has the capability to open pop-up window if you click on the hyperlink or email link whenever a website provide them, where usually PIE will block these because of it's limited script strength. Another good thing is I installed Opera Mobile into the Storage Card instead of the main memory, and yet it works fine without any trouble at all. Alternatives are good for healthier competition, and in the end we can have better products to use in our palm. (blogged with my Treo 750v)

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