Friday, December 28, 2007

Super file explorer for your Treo 750

I've been keep saying on how plain and simple the accessories from Windows Mobile 6 ever since I'm using Treo 750v. Like before I've reviewed application that can enhance Pocket IE, and application that can do more than standard Windows Media Player 10; which both of those are the standard apps that came with WinMob 6. So now to complete the whole package, I'm going to review the application to enhance your file browsing experience: Resco File Explorer 2007 (v6.17).
If you're never bothered to know what files in your Treo 750, or don't care how messy are your folders & files inside the Storage Card; then you should stop reading and keep on using the standard File Explorer that came originally with WinMob 6. It's not bad at all, infact I still use it because of it's clear & easy to use UI (user interface).
But I realized that I needed something more than it's standard features when there was this once I wanted to search a particular file, and I surprised I couldn't find it manually nor with WinMob 6 search feature.
The RFE 2007 also has the encryption-decrypt feature if you wish to keep a file secure from unwanted hands, and packing a big file into compact ZIP file is a breeze with a touch of button & settings. The available short cut buttons are really helpful, making new folders or looking a file properties; or if you're going to beam it into another device is very easy & also quick.
There also additonal apps from RFE 2007: Resco Registry & FTP Network add-in. Although I won't recommend you to modify the WinMob registries without knowing them, but it's good you have a powerful tool ready. And the FTP Network add-in feature is very rare to use since there's no integrated WiFi in Treo 750 yet, when you plugged it at your computer; you'll tend to use the computer instead to explore network's files.
One of the last REF 2007 feature I've not thought when I started using Treo 750v is the Recycle Bin, you can quickly see what are inside of it and restore them if you have to; just like usual Windows old Recycle Bin. Seems trivial at first, but you'll sleeps better when you accidentally deleted files you still need.
Overall REF 2007 is a great & complete file explorer application that every advanced users must have ready inside their Treo(s), and with it’s downloadable icons you can have a great look at your WinMob Today Plugin. With the new year's eve
special discount, this might be a good chance to enhance your Treo 750 file exploring capability...

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