Monday, December 31, 2007

More ranting on Palm's most famous device: FOLEO

The news of the failed to be released Palm Foleo are everywhere in every gadgets & computers reviews of 2007, it has been dubbed as the most worst and joked around gadgets that is not even hit the store shelves yet. People who actually get their hands-on Foleo have loved the small –laptop like- device (those lucky creatures!), but the bloggers who never had the slightiest chance to see it in real life have throwed critics and bad oppinions that might be one of many reasons why Palm cancelled Foleo after so much advertisement. Why Palm cancelled it has become a big secret for all of us, the only corporate announcement was they’re hoping to make Foleo 2 more perfect. This is a clear indication that Palm will surely release the next generation of Linux based Palm OS specially made for Foleo 2, although it would be another big joke to call it Foleo “2” because the first one never made it to be released; hope they’ll come up with a better name.
The first bad thought.
But let’s go back first to the basic; if this is the first time you ever see Palm Foleo
pictures, you’ll definetely going to say that it is just another 10” laptop with less capabilities. That’s what I’ve thought first too, why would I need a laptop that can only send/receive emails and browse the web? I can already do that with my Treo 750v, and it’s smaller in size plus fits inside my jeans pocket; I feels mobile with it. Funny on how I read that Jeff Hawkins was really excited about it, and how Palm was making a new category for it. These probably are the thoughts that filled bloggers mind who critized Foleo all over the web, and suprisingly add more spice to already over-cooked news on it.
The second good thought.
After some websites and blogger (including PalmAddict) were saying of this misfortune Palm Foleo again for the past few weeks, I pushed myself to looked at it once more. I’m beginning to understand the enthusiasm that Jeff had when he introduced Foleo for the first time at D Conference, the “first bad thought” I had once is beginning to fade away. If you read the
Gizmodo review of Palm Foleo, you’ll probably drool over this device and wish it for Christmas/New Year’s eve gift like me. Weighting only at 2.5lbs, plus the picture of Jeff Hawkins holding it with only one hand, it’s very light to be carried everywhere you go. Palm also have announced the partnership with several 3rd-party software developers for making applications that were compatible with Foleo, must’ve felt like a whip when Palm cancelled it. Supposedly those applications are ready when Foleo released, who know perhaps we’ll like them the way we all like current applications that’re running on Palm OS (Treo 680). I can imagine how convenient it is to open up the Foleo (said it didn’t need to boot since it has instant-on & instant-off feature) and quickly access messages/emails or the applications, I’m definetely going to always use such device because the fast and easy to use can’t compete with the long boot of other laptops. A pioneer always mocked first at first, and we should give credits to those who’re bold enough to become one and give us a new shiny gadgets for New Year’s eve gift. ;-)
Happy New Year 2008 everybody, hope all of your good wishes come true!

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