Saturday, January 26, 2008

Contacts disaster!

When I saw MacBook Air, I immediately agreed to sell my ThinkPad R61 to my friend who's been asking for it, I'm going to order it as soon as it's available. I used to sync my Treo 750v with it before, so after I sold it yesterday I have to use my PC once more.
The thing is I forgot to set the sync settings at my PC to not to replace the contacts in my Treo 750v. The result is like what I'm most affraid of: I lost every contacts! Because the Outlook 2003 in my PC is still empty, I know now that I learned a valuable lesson to look at the settings first before pluggin my Treo ever again.
But on top of all that, I really hope Microsoft could change the ActiveSync settings default into ask the user first when it's going to replace any contacts. Please be careful you guys if you also use Windows Mobile.

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