Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The good & bad features of Spb Insight

For those who can't live without the latest news from the internet, like me, I rely myself to get them with RSS feeds aggregator application in my Treo 750v. Spb Software House always come up with great applications for Treo users, well they actually made them for WinMob & other platforms too. So I tried Spb Insight yesterday, gotta stay up to date with news from CES 2008 event. I must say I'm really impressed with it's channels list view, which showcase distinctive icon for each RSS feeds you subscribe with. When I click into the channel, Spb Insight provide thumbnail pictures, if available, at each of every news; very cool & good looking! But that's not all, the Spb Insight Today plugins can also provide those thumbnail pictures with slideshows and you could even click left & right to briefly see each news that it has just updated; very handy and alive.
Alright, those are the good side; now let's take a look at the bad side. The update method, I wanted to put this into the good side because it's fast and no hassle with advanced options. But the real deal is you can't decide yourself when it'll update the news and which channel, all Spb Insight capable of is an overal settings for every channels. So in the end my Treo 750v keep on downloading plenty of unnecessary data because Spb Insight download all the thumbnail pictures, even the ones that I'm not going to read. This will become an irritating problem for those who pay according to the data they downloaded. Another downside is Spb Insight doesn't have backup utility in it, so if I had to reset my Treo, I'll loose every RSS feeds and forced to subscribe them again manually. I hope Spb Software House also make it's Today plugin to be more flexible, for instance is I can't access Spb Insight channels list from Today screen; I have to scroll every news to get the one I wish to read and that's become tiring instead of handy & fast anymore...

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