Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The need of a picture in a blog

I'm quite surprised for the last couple of days even until now whenever I open my RSS aggregator in my Treo 750v, the total news it can get at average of everyday are more than 110 news! This got to do with the CES 2008 event that's still going on as you read this blog, news are flowing almost every minutes primarily from gadget review websites. And if you read my previous blog about one of a RSS aggregator for Treo 750, I also realize that sometimes there are news from those RSS feeds that don't provide any pictures at all; they are worse if the news only consist of just a link to another website (what's the point of posting the blog then?). With that RSS feeds aggregator, I can easily see which RSS news that provide picture and the ones that don't. Most of the time, if there's no pictures and the headlines are not that interesting; I'll just pass them through.I have to say that pictures have become one of basic inggriedients if you wish to make an interesting blogs, sure there're still many of you who likes to read many lines of words in just one blog; but you also can't deny the necessity to have pictures to support the subject of that blog too. Because it's like the saying of modern gadgets nowadays: "a picture can tell many stories". So, have you posted or email a picture along with your blog today?
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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