Friday, January 4, 2008

Have a weather forecast in your palm

Knowing how's the weather outside just before you open the door to leave your house is quite important, sure if it's going to rain you can easily see if the clouds are all grey or not. But the hardest part would be if where you live has winter & cold season, I know how crazy the weather can be for instance when you're about to leave home it's not that cold yet; but after few hours later when you're on your way home suddenly the freezing cold wind blows. Your ears are numb because of it and even though you keep both of your hands warm inside your pockets, your body can't stop shaking. In most of European countries those situations are will likely still going to occured for the next months to come, you can't quite predict the weather by insctinct and experiences. Then perhaps you can make use your Treo 750 more usefull by installing this SBSH product called PocketWeather which just been updated into v2.0.1 now, it's really one of the most sophisticated weather application for my Treo 750v I've ever tried. The most important of the new version is it's now support WinMob 6 Pro, and other many features which you can read at here.
Not only PocketWeather has many customized options you can change (I had difficulty understanding all of them at first try), the most notable is it's complete and vast weather database; I can find some of the most remote cities that never mentioned in another same applications. And the auto-updates of the weather database is very fast, plus you have plenty of additional settings for it; includes the map & pictures updates. I really like the earthquake notification, this should prove to be important in these days where natural disasters are happening all over the world; hope they'll add a Tsunami & flood alert as well. Lastly for you who love to put the weather infos at Today screen, PocketWeather has plenty of settings & icons to set different looks and native integration with PocketBreeze. And if that's not enough, you can change and make your own layout with a script; SBSH has thought of using PocketWeather with other Today screen launchers (smart move, every other application developers should do the same). Perhaps this will work with the most buzzed PointUI Home launcher too? If anyone have tried to use them, let us know the result will ya?

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