Monday, January 7, 2008

I received double surpises news today!

Wow, I never thought I'll get double surprises after the New Year's eve. First one of the surprise is I've been invited to become a guest author at PalmAddict, I'd like to thank Sammy for given me the honor. I hope my contributions can be useful for all PalmAddict readers. Second is the announcement of another Palm products to be released through Vodafone carrier: Palm Drucker & Wanda! Just like you Palm fans out there (and yes you too who read this blog, duh!) who have been waiting for another break-through devices from Palm, our wish have finally come true. Click on the link here for further informations on what will be released on Vodafone's roadmap 2008, now you wish that last year you didn't spend so many money on gifts because there are plenty new gadgets to get this year...But most importantly, now we all know that Palm is only going to produce a Windows Mobile based Treo(s) for the next year until their new Linux-based Palm OS ready. It'll be a long windy road for Palm OS owner, specially Treo 680, to hope for a new upgrade. But let's all pray for the best and expect the worse, because the Palm we once love for their devices and innovations, is also the Palm that now we hate for their inconsistency.

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