Monday, January 7, 2008

Palm's Wanda bad strategy

You must’ve seen Palm Wanda picture at BoyGenius website, maybe just like me; spontaneously said that is a Centro not a Treo. We might be right about that, there’s only small difference between those two. The obvious difference physically can be seen at the picture, I marked the space between the “Wanda” screen to it’s menu buttons with red marks. As you can see the space is much wider than Centro, and also the menu buttons space is wider to the QWERY keyboards too. These make Palm Wanda looks more taller than Centro... Of course we only seen the pre-release pictures, who knows it doesn’t look like that but really just a Centro with the change of name into Treo. It’ll only makes sense to me, Centro has been a sucessful hit in the market for Palm; so right now Palm want to make the most of it’s design by simply change the name and add some new features into it (HSDPA & integrated GPS). Not only Palm don’t have to design and manufacture new device, they can cut costs with those steps. In business spectacles, of course this steps are good; but I don’t really like it as a consumer. I would like to use a device that can be distinctive immediately when anybody see it, like the Treo 750v I’m using right now to write this post. Many people at the coffee shop at least took a look at it when I’m using it, makes me feels proud to own & use a Palm product. I suppose that’s what Centro owners feels too, because of the unique looks it has. I guess this has been Palm’s habbits since the Treo(s) lineup came out, from 700p/w to 680 & 750; physically they all are look alike but with different OS. I really hope they stop doing this if they really want to gain the competitive market nowadays... Cause Nokia, Motorolla & Sony Ericsson have all keep on producing new types of handset every year!

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