Monday, January 7, 2008

More Palm Drucker picture revealed

Now I called this undirect promotion of Palm’s newest successor of Treo 750: Palm Drucker, y’all still remember the image teaser of Treo 800w back awhile ago? Seems Engadget have been able to see what Bill Gates had in his hand while speaking in CES 2008 keynote session. I don’t really sure wheter they actually made the picture grained & blurry deliberately or not, but seems we have to suck up on this one too because there’s no official pictures of the new Palm Drucker even at BoysGenius report... Looks like Centro’s famous design of the ‘ribbon’ menu buttons is going to be used in every next Treo(s) new generation, if you happen to see BoysGenius report on Vodafone’s Winmob roadmap; you can see this design is also used by HP in their new handset too.

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