Sunday, January 20, 2008

Play Lucas Arts' classic games with your Treo 750

Classic games are the best in storyline, because back then the graphic card was not yet available so game developers relied mostly on the storyline to attract gamers, and with little help on better sound card. Yes, for those who's not experienced the beginning of PC games back in the '80s, where we need to add an additional sound card just to get musics & sounds out, instead of "beep-beep" sound from PC speaker. One of the emulators I recommend is ScummVM, at Jan 13th 2008, they released a new version for WindowsCE (also for Windows desktop, run fine on Vista too).

I tested it on my Treo 750v, and it works great! Although Treo's small squarish screen make my eyes squint to see the details, everything works fine until I finished the game: Monkey Island 2. Great-great game, specially it's musics which uses iMuse technic (nope, it doesn't have anything to do with Apple). Really brings back all the good memory of wit challenge games that can take you in for hours, even days. I really have to give two thumbs up for the people who dedicated their times & efforts to make such amazing engine, and it's free! But you still need the games, because they don't provide those games and recommend you to purchase them legally.

For you who never heard of old games like Day of the Tentacles, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, etc.; you should give them a try sometime. Specially the last one I mentioned, Indiana Jones 4th movie is about to be released soon; you can warm up a little bit with the old game. O' how I wish Lucas Arts make these kind of games again... I can hear the Indiana's theme song calling, I'm off to play it again, have a nice Monday y'all.

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