Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prediction for the future of mobile companion market [part-4]

Still dazed by CES & MacWorld 2008 events, we all amazed by how many press attended both events and how crowded is the press room at peak hours. While gadgets consumers around the world are dazzled by Apple’s slim-sexy MacBook Air (I really can’t stop saying it, my bad), thus making thin is in again for laptop built trend. Although laptop vendors like Sony don’t agree right away, they insist that thinner built means less features, Gizmodo got the article here. Most likely Asus will follow Sony’s statement silently, but they’re for sure will improve the Eee lineups pretty soon now. What all of these got to do with Palm? Palm needs to refined their design for Foleo, if they still insist to use the one we last saw (the “cancelled” one) then nobody will be impressed enough to buy it anymore. The failure to launch Foleo on schedule, has undirectly backfires Foleo marketing campaign itself; because everybody wants it while it’s still fresh. With the new MacBook Air (MBA) already surfaced on the horizon, all eyes are on it. And without new strategy, Palm will never take those eyes from MBA to look at their Foleo. Some of you may argue that Foleo is to be release again at 2009, where MBA’s shiny aura has diminished at that time; but I’m betting my money that Steve Jobs will not sit still to let MBA loose it’s galore & popularity. The examples can be seen of iPod, Apple has announced new models every year now; prolonging iPod’s popularity as top selling music player. I’ve put Foleo, Redfly & MBA pictures side by side on my laptop’s screen; I must admit that I can’t stop staring at MBA although my heart really still with Foleo. So I pick up a pen & a paper to start drawing, what I would design for Foleo if I’m one of Palm’s engineers? How about you, if you’re Jeff then what would you change the Foleo to compete in mobile companion market at 2009 later? Hope Jeff understand, we’re doing this because we still love Palm...

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