Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prediction for the future of mobile companion market [part-3]

What an unbeliveable coincident, as I am talking about Intel’s newest small platform called Moorestown; I read Sammy’s post about MacBook Air (MBA) announced at MacWorld 2008. I couldn’t believe myself how Apple’s newest slim-sexy laptop looks very similar to Palm’s “cancelled” Foleo, of course I still have to admit that Apple’s minimalis design is always more appealing. Even after I read Steve Jobs’ keynote speech and watch MBA Guided Tour movie clip, I really wish Palm could do something like that too for their next gen Foleo. Apple’s MBA even have exceed my expectations of what a smaller laptop platform can achieve, it’s smaller than any thinnest laptop right now but still capable to run Leopard. It’s belly inside only consists of electronic parts, HDD, & battery; almost like what Redfly and Foleo have too (heck, it’s way much thinner than Foleo). MBA’s secret for getting so thin built is none other Apple’s partnership with Intel to make a new smallest laptop platform & processor, as you can see at the picture: the platform is only sized long as a pencil & the processor is 60% smaller than before. During his keynote speech, Steve Jobs kept on thanking Intel for their effort to made those specially for MBA.
Now Palm, Ed Colligan & Jeff Hawkins, why can’t you guys do what Apple & Steve Jobs have done? As I’ve mentioned before at the previous post, a partnership with strong vendors is what Palm really needed right now. With mobile companion’s biggest advantages: thin built & light weight, have been surpassed and Celio’s Redfly is the only one in the market right now; which one you’ll likely will carry then?

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