Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Prediction for the future of mobile companion market [part-2]

The Palm's Stephane Mass statement of Palm Nova OS (aka. Palm OS II) is still scheduled to be release in early 2009 also sparks plenty of doubts among anylists & Palm fans, like myself. It’ll be the start of competiton in the new mobile companion market at that time of year. Another backdraw for Palm is they don’t produce their own hardware platforms for their new Nova OS such as processor, motherboard, memory, etc. So Palm still rely on other vendors like Intel to make their platforms, if Palm needs to do more adjustments in their Nova OS to be compatible with Intel’s Moorestown platform; this means the Nova OS engineers are going to have some over-time works till 2009 arrived (the sounds of whip cracked heard from far away...). But why whould Palm needs to use Intel’s Moorestown or any other of their platforms to begin with, you may be asking? In my oppinion, as hard I’m trying not to sounds like promoting Intel, it’s undeniable that Intel right now has the upper hand on processors fabrication in every market categories. AMD hasn’t been able to beat Intel yet now, while ARM & Samsung haven’t produce break-through processors for a long time and likely not in near future. So with that, Intel can easily make a platform according to their own advantages. As you can see at the picture, Intel’s Moorestown device can produce Apple’s Safari look-alike user interface; which shows how powerful their new small platform can perform. And Palm needs strong partners with the newest technology to build their next generation of Foleo mobile companion, and beat all the others competitors with the same product (Redfly for example?) when 2009 has come. Of course this is with assumption if they really intend to re-release Foleo ever again... Another copy-cat is borrowing Foleo name and twist it into “iFoleo”, read it on Sammy’s post here.

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