Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prediction for the future of mobile companion market [part-1]

I had a bad couple of days with a disasterous flu stomach-ache, so until now I'm able to write another post although one of good news from Brighthand reviewed a Redfly mobile companion device has came out.
After read Brighthand review, I begin to get the idea of what Jeff Hawkins was trying to achieve back then with the “cancelled” Foleo. Specially the ease of using bigger screen and full size QWERTY keyboard, the two main things Treo and other mobile devices don’t have. With those in mind, it’s no wonder Redfly is closely sized to 12” laptop; and this has become the most crucial selling point whether mobile companion can make it’s own market segment or not in the business users & corporate companies circle. Ed Hardy (Brighthand) made a very good point there about how mobile companion devices can much lower corporate companies’ TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) per year, this could be the main reason why Celio Corp., and Jeff Hawkins too, think that mobile companion will survive and accepted. But I don’t agree with Celio Corp. if that’s become the factor why they don’t put entertainment features in Redfly, everybody need and love entertainment on the go; so Celio Corp. must have something else in their agenda besides the “target for business” reason.

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