Sunday, January 13, 2008

Secure your informations with eWallet v6.0

Carrying important & sensitive informations inside your Treo 750 is very important and also handy, you can easily fire up the Treo and look at whatever you stored into it at breeze. But if you only wrote them with Notes, this is dangerous because everyone who get hold of your Treo can see them too.
This is when I tried eWallet v6 from Illium Software, the application already include the Windows desktop version and support WinMob 6. The whole features in it is almost the same as other electronic wallet apps, such as Spb Wallet that I tried & reviewed before. So importing the previous electronic wallet files are easy with the Wizard provided in eWallet, and you can sync what you have in your Treo 750 with eWallet installed in your Windows desktop. No hassle and trouble when I start using eWallet, since almost every features in it aren't much different from other same apps. I just hope Illium Software can update and improve the card looks, need more finishing touch to distinguish this great app from the other ones.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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