Friday, January 11, 2008

WinMob 7 review teaser

I've been searching articles that discuss Microsoft next project nick-named "iPhone compete", it's called Windows Mobile 7. Yes, it is the same name as the one you have there in your Treo 750; WinMob 6. Clearly Microsoft has been chasing Apple ever since they launched iPod, Microsoft's Zune has not doing well with what it's nick-named: "iPod-killer" meant to do. Instead Zune made a quite bad start when it was first released, and got mocked because of it's ridiculous colours; for one instance is brown. But Microsoft made a successful campaign regarding Zune, it is the Social; something that intended to compete with Apple's iTunes on-line store music.

Microsoft needs to gain more of that piece of cake of mobile OS that their share has been lessen since the arrival of iPhone famous user interface, if they don't do it now they'll surely going to be left behind for good. The best article that describe best of this new WinMob 7 came from GSMArena, you have to see it because it looks very promising. Specially for business users who have been forced to use WinMob devices because they need the compability with Windows & Exchange Server, Microsoft have picked up this vibe of how boring WinMob's UI compared to iPhone's. Another clear sign of this can bee see when they announce officially the WinMob 6.1 at professional Mobile World Congress 2008 (formerly known as 3GSM) held at Barcelona in February 2008, this upgrade will only going to improve it's UI but not it's features.

As a customer, I like this competion atmosphere that created by those two giants. But I'm keep on wondering how & when will Palm is going to take place to compete with them? WinMob 7 scheduled to be released at 2009 (no more details of date yet), which is the same as Palm's new schedule to release it's new Palm Nova OS (formerly known as Linux-based Palm OS).

Surely Steve Jobs and his Apple minions won't stay still just watching, I'm betting my money that the most rumored 3G iPhone will also be hosting a new UI; and this baby is set to be release this half of 2008. Apple's greatest strategy is to stay on the head of every competion by releasing newer products before everybody else do, and this has been proven to be successful. Every Apple products owner are taken the pride to held the devices that mark them as pioneer, thus creating the same loyalty that Palm users once had.

So to wrap my predictions up, this 2008 will be the year for WinMob devices. Because with WinMob 6.1 coming soon, and iPhone UI is likely won't be changed much; Palm is going to rely on WinMob since their OS is not ready until next year. And even Steve Jobs can't deny the fact that there are more WinMob devices out there in the market than his locked iPhone.

Boy o' boy, I can't wait till year 2009 where every big companies release their new mobile OS which includes Google's Android. Wish I have a warp engine right now, and beam myself faster than the speed of light to the future...

(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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