Monday, January 28, 2008

What fans' loyalty worth

I've been following HTC Kaiser mobile phone problem with their video/graphic issue, the latest news is that fans & owner of that device have been gathering more than US$5,000 to offer to anyone who can make a driver to overcome the problem. The reward money is growing as the post at XDA-Developers forum is getting more attention and support from fellow fans.
We can pull off two conclusions from above event which is:
1.) Even though HTC is a giant vendor in mobile phones business & a well known for their up to date devices, they seems to ignore the owner's right for driver & firmware update. And the worse thing is their official response; they encourage their loyal customers to purchase newer HTC devices to resolve the problem above.
2.) How loyal fans can be to keep on using their devices, even though the manufacturer stopped their support for that particular device.
Doesn't this sound familiar to Palm fans? Just like me, and you perhaps, we keep using the critized & mocked Palm Treo (680 and 750, or even older ones) devices despite there are plenty other tempting same devices out there. Sometimes I do have a thinking; should I pay someone to modify my Treo 750v so it can have a WiFi inside it? Or boost up the screen resolution better? The thoughts are surely tempting, but I want stability above additional features, so I'll wait untill Palm release a better Treo next time.
Please Palm, don't you let down these loyal fans of yours.
(blogged from my Treo 750v)

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