Friday, March 28, 2008

Detect car speeding traps with your mobile phone

I have to admit this one is quite an interesting idea that no one has ever thought of before, an application named "trapster" can help you know where are the policemen and hidden traffic cameras at. The application works by downloading data from its server, and shows the area you've requested on where are those car speeding traps located. The data is collected from fellow trapster users, which means there should be at least 10 persons who are at the same area as you; and they've reported those traffic traps. The trapster use what they called "karma" points to determined whether the information from trapster users are legit or just a prank, and this is done also by the feedback input from other users.
The technologies behind trapster are include WiFi and wireless mobile towers, if your mobile phone has GPS then you could get more precise position of your where about. Plus trapster works with Google Maps & Jott.
If you're interested, you could go to trapster website
here to download the application and to sign-up; you need to sign-up in order to use trapster service. Or download it directly from your web browser mobile phone here. The supported mobile phone OS are Symbian 60, WinMob 5/6, BlackBerry & Java enabled mobile phones. According to WebWare; iPhone will be included into their next roadmap, and because the application is still in beta phase you should be aware if there are any glitch or errors encountered while using it. WebWare cover the complete review of trapster, so read on here to dig more infos.
Personally I think that trapster works almost feel like social networking, but nevertheless even with trapster in your mobile phone; drive save all the time!
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