Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twooced ot Tweeted?

There are great blogs posted by Daniel Terdiman, one of my favorite blogger, he has been always able to find intriguing subjects to talked about. His first post is about his new term of result from over-Twitter-ing activity: get fired from your job. Let me quote Terdiman own words: "If you've been around the world of blogging for a while, you probably know what being "Dooced" means. If not, it means being fired for blogging, and the term comes from the real-life firing of Heather Armstrong, otherwise known as the mega-popular blogger, Dooce." From there, he got the idea to called it "Twooced" for getting fired because of Twitter. Or perhaps we should use what Heather Armstrong called it in her own blog: "Tweeted" instead, what do you think? This could become a reality since more and more people are actively doing Twitter while working, and even with the help of their mobile phones.
Terdiman next posted that someone in Twitter-land is using U.K. Prime Minister's office address: 10 Downing Street, and it's been doing what appears to be the activities from Prime Minister's own press office. For an example: "No10 news: Sarkozy arrives at Number 10: The Prime Minister has welcomed French President.."! So far there has been no official statement or news from the UK Prime Minister office about this Twitter account, what would you suspect is this just a prank or for real? Perhaps someday a paparazzi will capture U.K. PM Gordon Brown is twittering with his mobile phone, then we'll know what mobile phone he use.
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