Sunday, March 30, 2008

End of the weekend rumors part 2: 3G iPhone certainty

When an analyst from a high profile Gartner research firm spoken about 3G iPhone, Ken Dulaney his name is, surely everybody will believe him right? iPO has been able to interviewed Dulaney, where he mentioned that he heard from his Asian inner circles about the possibilty of Apple's second round order for more 10 million iPhone to become the 3G iPhone most rumored these days. He also speculated (warning: it's only a speculation) that this 10 million 3G iPhone will be using OLED display, to enhance the battery life that drained from the 3G chipset. Dulaney add another reason why Apple definetely release the 3G iPhone version this year, it's because the European sales of iPhone doesn't look good; and Apple need to boost up the sales with the handset that match European's 3G/UMTS available networks. Read on iPO news here.
A more certain news came from PC World article
here, the Dow Jones Newswires reported that Hon Hai Precision Industry is in talks with Apple to make the next generation (3G) iPhone. Now everything have piled up into one big juicy rumors, all we need is just another news to burn it all up. Hopely something good will come up on the CTIA event...
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