Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Treo is my assistance & my entertainer

I wouldn't guessed before that washing my car on rainy months like yesterday on local car washer shop, could held me waiting for more than 2,5 hours! Although I should've glad, because that would mean those car washer guys (too bad not females LOL) were doing a thorough job with my car. As I was sitting on the waiting room, I pulled out my trusty Treo and start sending text messages to my friends. I made two appointments & a date, which I immediately jotted down the time & place in WinMob's built-in Calendar.
In between of waiting and sending SMS, I tried the aforementioned Bejeweled 2 which looks amazing on Treo's 240x240 squarish screen; thanks to Astraware latest update. Indeed it is a game that can easily create an addiction to play it everytime. Next game was Robo, which was a recommendation from Lindsey Dyson who posted before at PA. I like it too because it's kinda exercise to my aging brain, but I got stuck at the Ruin level; Lindsey can you give a hint on how to solve that Ruin level? :-)
Before I knew it, hours passed by and the car washer guy told me that they've finished with my car. I'm glad I always bring my Treo with me, you'll never know when is the time you needed a personal assistance & entertainer at once.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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