Sunday, March 30, 2008

End of the weekend rumors part 3: BlackBerry 9000

As I'm about to post the rumors about BlackBerry (BB) 9000 series, looks like Stephen Sorting has posted the sight of BB 9000 handset on the wild at Engadget Mobile, which a real photo proof of the "iPhone-killer" handset prototype from RIM. Then allow me to add more drools you've already put so much into your bucket (as quoted from Stephen S. blog).
At BGR's news
here believes that the BB 9000 series will be launched July/August this year, this puts acceptable one year time frame from BB Curve released. Enjoy the close-up photo, courtesy of BGR.
Aside from the those rumors of this beauty's specs way back then, a certain features it'll bear are 3,5G network & WiFi. This one came straight from Mike Lazaridis ~co-Chief Executive at RIM~ told Financial Times during his interview, you can read Financial Times article
here; or at BB PinStack Forums here.
Mr. Lazaridis has pointed out that the BB 9000 series with 3,5G connection is really fast compared to any previous BB handset models. But seriously Mr. Lazaridis, please spare us from any more teasers and get that BB 9000 out already!
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