Monday, March 17, 2008

Haul your TV shows to Hulu

Entertainment is a fast pace business with many surprise elements that can't be predicted, unlike the old times where TV companies used to dictate their viewers on what & when to watch. Now we can choose on wide range of options to enjoy entertainment, from monthly subcription TV cable to free ones on YouTube. Here's a new option emerged in the world of internet; a streaming video service called "Hulu". It's not actually new, when NBC Universal and News Corp. made this joint venture back in 2007, many anylists have doubt whether Hulu can be delivered or not. The name itself "Hulu" has caused a debate among NBC Universal executives to prolong it's release, in Swahili language means "cease" and "desist". At last Hulu officially launched their website at the start of March, equipped with the latest & most popular TV series such as Desperate Housewives to Saturday Night Live (SNL). Two big media moguls: NBC & Fox are for starter, following includes 15 cable channels; Sony & MGM will follow through soon.
But what really makes Hulu stand out is their vast features that enhanced our experience from watching traditional TV, for one example you could cut the scenes into several clips and share them with email or embedded them into other websites just like YouTube. And like Google attraction's: simplicity in their web services, is another factor why Hulu can be so quickly popular. All you need is a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed, no other apps installation is needed. Even with only web enabled media player, according to Hulu CEO Jason Kilar; you'll have plenty of media features and more to come. All thanks to his great techonology team, lead by former Microsoft engineer: Eric Feng. But without search capability to find the movies you want to watch, people will leave and get bored easily. Thanks to Hulu's big library collections and the simple user interface design, members will have plenty of good times watching streamed entertainment online. An important question regarding for how long Hulu will keep older archives, still remains unknown for now. I've tried to access Hulu, but it seems their slogan: "Anytime, Anywhere" doesn't apply to other countries beside USA. If anyone is able to play Hulu on their Windows Mobile or any handsets' OS, please inform us of the results; I guess for WinMob users should install Flash Lite first.
I can see how those stock holders & executives of SlingBox are feeling etchy on their seats these days, this mostly because Hulu is completely free! Hulu is relying their main revenue from ads, which we'll watch during or after the movies; it all depends on how the duration of the movie you're watching. If Hulu's concept really is successful and keep on improving; soon enough we'll be watching movies on our mobile phone's screen, everywhere anywhere. Sources taken from TechCrunch ( & Fortune magazine -article by David K. and Adam L.
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