Sunday, March 23, 2008

iPhone / iPod for education?

Please be noted that the subject is still written with question mark, so don't hope too much for some kind of application that have to do with education in your iPhone or iPod Touch. But this I can give assurance to you: some universities in the USA have offered iPhone & iPod for new students; apparently iPhone & iPod indeed is seen as good charm to lure the freshmen. Did this trick works, unfortunately the universities don't like to show us the result. But I'm pretty sure plenty of parents had pros & cons about this kind of tasty treat, especially the thought on do these schools need to offered shiny devices instead of the education itself? Read on MIR blog to know which universities are, and on Evolve here you can watch the YouTube videos of the commercial offering (yes, they even went all the trouble making two videos!)
But some other universities and schools are also faced with a dilema on whether to allow iPod or another MP3 player used by their students; it's no secret anymore that iPod is being used to cheat on exams. Exam answers and lesson notes have been found in almost every student's iPod, some are clever enough to conceal them in the song lyrics. So the universities have banned the use of iPod and MP3 players during classes, but few have even restricted the students to bring mobile phones & iPod to school at all. Dig more on Gizmodo and USA Today article.
I see a very contrast event from above examples, on one side the university uses iPod to attract new students to join. But on the other side, the university is beginning to repel iPod popularity among youngsters; which are mainly the students. It's an endless battle between the aristocrat and the free young ones, where both sides are determined to have their wish come true one way or another. Whose side are you on?
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