Sunday, March 23, 2008

Red Alert to iPhone & iPod Touch!

For iPhone & iPod Touch owners; there's a new threat to your shiny gadget. As described by iPhoneWorld (who even published this new threat source code!): "...your iPhone will lock up after simply visiting a page that contains the malicious code in question". So all the hackers need is for you to visit their website, and your Safari web browser's memory automatically will be overloaded; thus resulting in a freeze situation or the worst is crash down. This new exploit was tested on the newest iPhone firmware 1.1.4, and no words or patch from Apple yet. But for desktop users, you can fix it by installing the newest Safari v3.1.

Another solution is posted by Robert Vamosi (CNet); just disable the Javascript within Safari:

1. Under Edit, click Preferences.

2. Click the Security icon.

3. Uncheck Enable JavaScript.

4. Close and restart Safari.

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