Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rumor, rumor and still rumors…

I hate it when the weekend holiday comes to an end so fast, but so less news to read. It has been so lonesome without exciting news, and as much as I too hate rumors on new gadgets that maybe never see the daylight; I guess it won’t hurt to have some for once in awhile “again”… Here are the few worthy of them:
* LG Vu, with a large touch screen and 3G connection, AT&T is hoping to bring a tv handset for you who wish to watch March Madness while on the go. Well, probably the playoffs is going to end first before the LG Vu got released. Besides the sleek glossy look, there’s hope it’ll also get the Prada look alike user interface. Read on
PhoneArena for full specs details.
* Samsung Glyde U940, from the pictures provided by Engadget Mobile this one is going to be the contender in Sony Xperia X1 class segment. According to PhoneArena
here, the Glyde U940 will land on Verizon soil for US$50 rebate (not the price) from 2/19/08 to 3/29/08. But strangely enough, there are no details of it yet.
* HTC Dream, yeah we can only keep on dreaming for an actual Google’s Android handset set to be release this year from HTC. No solid picture, who’s the wireless carrier, etc. Only vague specs like it’ll has QWERTY keyboard and measured around 3 inch wide – 5 inch long, tease yourself more at Engadget Mobile
* Nokia 5610, is a little better from its brethren 5300. The new oriented music player mobile phone will run on 3G network, and almost sure to be release by T-Mobile judged from the FCC pictures at
PhoneArena; read on to know the detail specs.
Wheeew, there is no end for rumors. But they all are looking good to become real than just a concept or just a wild patent design at FCC. By the way, what kind of face did you make when you read on each one of the news above?
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