Saturday, March 22, 2008

New mobile phones for you

Alright hot-panties boys & girls, these are the mobile phones that coming to you; so embrace your wallet tighter:
* Motorola Z9 is going to be released by AT&T, date unknown but rumored is AT&T releasing it on April. It’ll be $249 (after rebate) on 2 years contract. Relax; you still can own it without contract for $399.
* HTC Shift, this aforementioned device is released by Sprint on CDMA/EV-DO variant. Amazon has placed this beast for $1,499 “only”.
* BlackBerry (BB) 8830, do I see your pupil just dilated? BB new variant is always wanted by serious business users; the rumors said that there’ll be Curve in Titanium! Sprint is expected to make the announcement on April 16th, but no more confirmation on price and the colors.
Resources from, photo is courtesy of wiseacre (Elliot). Say, which face did you make when you read the news on each of the above mentioned phones? ;-D
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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