Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MS Silverlight vs. Adobe

Microsoft (MS) has been trying to get into Nokia's phone lineups lately, when MS failed to push Windows Mobile to be used as Nokia's phones OS; Nokia finally agreed to support MS Silverlight web platform. Nokia phones are widely available around the world & in almost every countries, this agreement will propel MS Silverlight into better position against it's main rival: Adobe. For a background story as why Adobe should worry about Silverlight is because they both share the same market; web platform. We are already familiar with Adobe's Flash, those moving animation with attractive sound are all thanks to the Flash engine. So far, before MS launched Silverlight, Adobe has been the sole main player here, the giant software sees an opening of oportunity where no other big players noticeable around. But Silverlight moves haven't been smooth, as web industries have too well attached & accustomed to Adobe's products; MS needs to penetrate the market with a significant move. [read on the article from PC World here]
With MS Silverlight wins over Nokia for web contents support, we'll be seeing little differences when we're using the Symbian's (S60) web browser. Nokia plans to add Silverlight support too later for their S40 phones, these mean mobile content providers are softly-forced to adopt MS Silverlight platform. But the real fights are for Adobe & others, who have to compete for web contents platform in general. As the saying goes; the herds will follow the largest stampede, so does the market of web platform. Like BlueRay who've won over HD DVD, MS & Adobe will fight for web platform supremacy in years to come.
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