Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Straight things about iPhone

Let's get this straight; iPhone is not meant for business users yet it ranks better than BlackBerry in customers satisfactory, according to market researcher ChangeWave. This result is another sign on how big it is iPhone impact on mobile phone market, seems like business users are fond of iPhone & much prefer to have it than BlackBerry. While it’s only 10% of the correspondence who answered they’re satisfied with Palm devices. [read the whole story at PC World here]
If just Apple have launched the SDK kit, that enables 3rd party softwares to run on iPhone, the numbers of iPhone users will grow significantly in business & corporate environment. It's undeniable, that iPhone is walking one straight path to the most successful & most wanted mobile phone. What really holds back Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) to release that SDK kit as soon as possible has been a mystery for all of us. Because with wider options for 3rd party apps will increase people's interest to purchase iPhone.
That's not all, Apple also have declined the possibility to release iPhone at China. Although China Mobile (one of the largest in China) have expressed their clear intention to bring iPhone to the mainland, if Apple is to open up to China's market; this will take them straight to become the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. With the iPhone look alike: Meizu M8, which manufactured by a Chinese company, it’s a clear indication that iPhone is popular too in the mainland.
So what's stopping you Steve?
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