Sunday, March 2, 2008

Passion for 802.11n

Ever since our small business company adopted the standard wireless types (802.11b/g), I’ve fallen for wireless technology. I’ve never knew before how easy & convenient it is to replace wired LAN with the wireless, because I never have to prep the LAN wires anymore when a computer needed access to the server. If you don’t know yet what’s the difference between wireless LAN (known as WiFi) with wireless mobile phone, check it out at Wikipedia here.
Among the best is the 11n type, it offers better than the rest of the bunch. Although the drawback is that this 11n type hasn’t been ratified yet by the WiFi Alliance (it’s been years already!), so far it’s only at Draft 2.0 stage. That’s what has kept consumers & vendors to hold, and wait till a ratified version released.
I rejoice to hear that Lund, a city in Sweden, has just adopted this 11n type to power their hotspots all over the whole city. This will speed up the 11n ratification, and push forward the vendor’s specification to be globally accepted as standard: Cisco. There have been several vendors fighting for their specs as standard such as: Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, etc. All of the vendors have promised for 11n compability with the ratified version, all they need is upgrade the driver. [read the story in full at PC World]
What’s this all got to do with Palm? When I first knew that my Treo 750v doesn’t have WiFi, it almost broke my heart… So I really-really hope that Palm will adopt this 11n type into their next generation Treo, yes you should Palm! Because it’ll only a matter of short time, until this 11n type becomes the new standard in every smartphones out there. Oooh, I already drool to imagine what I can do with WiFi in my Treo ;-D
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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