Sunday, March 2, 2008

A geeky blog from an IT geek with his Treo

As part of my job as an IT Manager who doesn't have any assistants yet, I must take care of every broken PoS machines in our small business company. Just few days ago, one of the machines got broken and I had to opened it up. When I was about to untangled the wires on the motherboard, I took a quick photo with my Treo 750v. You see, the wires have been modified so not all of the universal colours are supposed in their places anymore. And I also used Notes to write down which coloured wires that goes to +/- pins. After fixing what's broken, but before I re-installed the WEPOS OS; I fired up the Pocket IE to search whether there's new BIOS update. Found out that there is & a newer SATA driver has been issued as well, I immediately downloaded both of them with Treo. But I had to transferred them into PC so I could copy to floppy disks; yup, we still need this ancient item. If just there's such tool that compatible with Treo, I wouldn't needed a PC at all! And those above are reasons why Treo never left my pocket (doesn't have a holster yet) from time to time, you'll never know when you need it.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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