Sunday, March 2, 2008

The ugly truths behind “Windows Vista Capable” sticker

When you’re about to purchased a new computer or a laptop at the time when Microsoft was about to launched Windows Vista back then, you must’ve seen two kinds of stickers: “Windows Vista Premium Ready” & “Windows Vista Capable”. Like any others, we all are confused on what was the difference?

It seemed that Intel old chip, the 915 chipset, didn’t have enough capability to support Windows Vista’s Aero interface. The 945 chipset was the more preferable choice because it supports Aero, but at that time this 945 chipset was still new and low in quantity; while the 915 chipset was already flooded the market in every computers and laptops. Of course Intel was afraid that if Windows users were going to upgrade into Vista, especially to get that Aero user interface (UI), then the 915 chipset will become “old junk” nobody want.

Above story is true, backed up with emails evidence from Microsoft to Intel intern management. Those evidences are compiled after a
class action law suit slapped to Microsoft, by the customers who purchased computers and laptops with the particular “Windows Vista Capable” sticker.

Here’s the worst truth: Microsoft’s internal management already knew that making a dual standard (two kinds of stickers) will only lead into confusion like this; resulting to hurt customers who bought the wrong machine but hoped to get he best experience with Aero UI. Some of the staffs have showed disagreement and spoken about this wrong executive decision, at the end of the day those brave people were re-located…

Now Microsoft must face an ugly class action law suit for this
“confusing sticker”, and backed with solid evidences like those; they should be preparing a large sum of money to settle it down. Read parts of the stories at Engadget here & the whole story at PC World here, great articles. Let’s just hope when the Windows Mobile 7 finally released (with it’s high-end UI & iPhone’s UI look alike), there wouldn’t be such “confusing stickers” pasted on mobile phones that run it.

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