Sunday, March 2, 2008

LingvoSoft’s products compability issue?

I always wanted to learn foreign languages, with LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary & Phrasebook 2008 I could do that and even on the go. Ever since I reviewed it back then, I had those apps installed in my Treo 750v and used it whenever I got the chance. But at the end of December 2007, I’ve realized an issue made by those LingvoSoft’s apps where they changed Treo screen resolution. What I meant is for an instance: if we’re about to save a Word Mobile document the Save and Cancel buttons were located way below the visible screen, thus making it impossible to tap on those buttons. I’m surprised to found out that the whole system was affected by this incident, and there’s nothing I can do to revert it back to the original state again unless I do a hard-reset.

At first I doubted that those apps are the cause of the issue, when the Treo 750v is still fresh from the hard-reset; I installed those apps first before installing another apps. When I soft-reset the Treo to check, this issue happened again! I knew something is wrong with those apps, because after a heavy use of my Treo, those apps can’t be used as they should. The user interface translation window doesn’t displayed properly, sometimes it disappeared and can only be returned again with a soft-reset.

I already contacted LingvoSoft support through email that time, and I’ll quote exactly what the support team told me: “We’re aware of the compability problem with Windows Mobile platform, specially the additional foreign keyboard package, we’re working to resolve this issue…” Just few days back, Paul Feofanov from Ectaco-LingvoSoft Customer Support Manager have responded my email regarding this issue. But unfortunately he believes there shouldn’t be problems at all with LingvoSoft’s products since Palm Treo 750 is in the supported list, so he said it’s probably only my device that has trouble with… Many of you who have bought LingvoSoft’s products probably are as satisfied as me with the vast and extensive library of each apps have, but what all of these compared to the stability of daily use?

I hope this post can give a heads up to you who have the same issue, but still wondering what caused it; try to check if you have LingvoSoft’s products installed. If so then you need to backup your WinMob mobile device right away, just for precautions. If you have experienced the same issue as what I’ve described above, please share your thought & story in PalmAddict’s forum

(blogged with my Treo 750v)


Anonymous said...

isntall axios closeapps and run this application each time you finished with lingvosoft, and if you still found that the lingvosoft having an error try to call (call center so you dont' have to pay) then open the lingvosoft again, so far it works for me.. :)

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant was

Andy J. S. said...

Thanks to the "Anonymous" tip for the workaround on keep on using the Lingvosoft products, although I don't believe it is the best way to use apps.

I hope Lingvosoft can fix the problem directly from its apps, that would be the best solution. ;-)