Sunday, March 16, 2008

A quiet & healthy weekend

I was shocked to learn that I left my Treo's headphone at home, I realized it when I'm already on the car on my way to visit my cousin in Bandung city. I'm going to miss hearing musics & podcasts with it, specially when I'm going to bed at night. But I decided to live without musics & podcasts for a whole weekend, of course I couldn't do what Sammy did: left behind his MacBook Air to rely solely on his iPhone & Centro. The 5 hours trip on a car was really exhausting, and without personal musics in my ear; I was really bored. Thank goodness Treo's GPRS can still pick up the RSS feeds so I had something to read about, although slow because there is no 3G network available in some remote areas the car passed by. I began to wonder if in the future Palm could put a retractable headphones inside Treo, we wouldn't worried to forgot to bring it ever again.
Upon arriving at Bandung city, I'm very excited to tell my cousin about PalmAddict weblog. He's a Palm user & gadget lover, he still uses an old PalmOne Zire for his medical notes. My cousin there is an anesthesiologist by the way, hopefully he'll become PA new member soon and get addicted too just like all of us. ;-p
For the next few days I'll try to keep posting in PA, because I has to undergo a medical check-up tomorrow. I hope you all have a good & healthy weekend!
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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