Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SilverLight vs. Flash Lite; A battle for mobile web platform supremacy (part. 2)

…story continued from previous. It's the same joyous news for Windows Mobile users, includes me as well upon hearing the news that Microsoft (MS) SilverLight for Mobile 1.0 is also making it's way to WinMob, I began slowly to think about why would MS do this? At the first glance, it seems MS was pulling a leg with Adobe. But on second thought, MS looks like undirectly admited that Adobe's Flash Lite is more popular & widely accepted than the SilverLight. From a business profit point of view, both sides are mutually gaining more revenues and popularity than when they're competing with each other.
The SilverLight needs to start get into mobile phone market so it wouldn't left behind so badly by Flash Lite, while the developers are still trust Flash to run their web contents; SilverLight won't see a clear bright day for it's future. By comparing SilverLight with Flash Lite directly in WinMob device, the end-user cutomers can give feedbacks to the web developers so they'll use more SilverLight features than Flash Lite's; but of course if SilverLight is indeed a better platform than Flash. Adobe wouldn't turned down the huge-juicy contract to embedded the Flash Lite into every WinMob OS available around the world, in fact they must've been also hoping to gain what MS want that I've mentioned above. It's too early to say who's going to dominate other in the future, because even though Adobe's Flash is widely used; MS SilverLight is aimed for more integrated system for products from Microsoft. To be continued…
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