Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SilverLight vs. Flash Lite; A battle for mobile web platform supremacy (part. 3)

…story continued from previous. While the battle between SilverLight and Flash Lite is surrounding the mobile phone OS such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, UIQ, etc. There's one mobile phone that keep on growing and gain more market everyday, thus can't be looked down anymore: iPhone. The iPhone users are very satisfied with iPhone's Safari web browser, even though it can't play Flash content in many websites; especially websites like YouTube and Hulu. These content users have been complaining for the lack of Flash support, and with Steve Jobs announcement at the company’s annual shareholder meeting that Flash Lite is not good enough for iPhone; this means no Flash for iPhone like ever! Steve mentioned that Flash Lite, although it's the mini-sized of Flash player desktop, is still too heavy for iPhone's processor so it can cause lag in overal performance and drain the battery's life faster. With this, Microsoft's Silverlight have a good chance to be use in iPhone. But no bright news so far for Silverlight to shine in iPhone, judging from Steve Ballmer statement; it's probably the revenue share policy from Apple is the main thing that hinder Microsoft to push Silverlight into iPhone.

With Silverlight or not, many anylists believe that iPhone will continue to widened it's market share. Everybody are eager to see what Steve Jobs has left under his sleeves when iPhone firmware 2.0 announced in June this year, for you who can't wait that long then try to take a peek at Engadget here.

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