Friday, April 11, 2008

Android gets Opera Mini support

Even though Google's Android open platform for mobile phone is not yet been released into the market, it has been receiving many supports from software developers. One in particular is from Opera, where on the last Thursday Opera has announced that Opera Mini now can be run on Android platform. There are no actual Android handsets to test it with, but Opera's Developer Relationship Manager Chris Mills has said in the company's blog post that there are challenges on making Opera Mini to run on Android & it's still in the Beta phase. So partners who tried it and use Opera's SDK kit, will be faced with many bugs and hiccups. If you're interested in technical preview of it, then read on the Opera website here.
This is kinda exciting to know that Android mobile phones will get so much support from today softwares & applications, it would be interesting to try one if it's finally out in the market. Read on PCW Business Center article
here for the full report.
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