Friday, April 11, 2008

Palm & BlackBerry face challenges against iPhone

I'm pretty sure this post's subject is not a surprise any more for you fellow Palm Addict readers, Palm is already in serious situations because of the company is no longer able to deliver breakthrough devices in the last years. And the growing BlackBerry has gain more followers nowadays, injecting more and more "CrackBerry" viruses to people around us; maybe you too have been contaminated. To make matter worst, Apple released iPhone to the world; and never has been a phone so desired by everybody.
As what Charles Wolf, and analyst from Needham & Co., has said not long ago that Palm has lost its way and faces its deepest challenge now than ever. With Apple is planning to release a newer iPhone firmware on June later this year, where 3rd party software developers are set to fuel iPhone & iPod Touch with boundless applications offering, Palm & BlackBerry will both loose more market share. Wolf even credited iPhone as "a game changer" device, and he also wait for Google's Android to see what impacts it will bring to the mobile phone market.
There's also an interesting comment from Wolf, his own point of view on Research In Motion (a.k.a. RIM-BlackBerry maker): "Research In Motion's market leadership is based entirely on the incompetence of the competition, RIM's competitors until quite recently were simply inept. Their failure stemmed less from their ability to design sleek phones than in their choice of an operating system on which to run them."
Overall, Wolf measures Palm shares as under-perform; while BlackBerry rating is still on pending until the release of iPhone firmware 2.0 update on June. Source is from Jonny Evans ( via PCW Business Center
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