Friday, April 11, 2008

iPhone is killing the Net (part. 1)

Wow, the subject title sounds like a very strong sentiment on Apple’s famous shiny device: iPhone. It’s only have been several hours since the first post from Carolyn D. Marsan (Network World), where she discussed about the content of a controversial new book from Professor Jonathan Zittrain. But the internet is already at full throttle to cover this subject like a hot pancake coming out from the oven, allow me to add more syrup on it while it’s still warm.

Who is Zittrain anyway that he gets so much attention? For short infos, Zittrain is the Professor of Internet Government and Regulation at Oxford University, he also the co-founder of Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. It’s a no brainer actually, since he’s the alumni of Yale and Harvard as well. His latest book is called ‘The Future of the Internet and How to stop it’ (pictured left), set to be release on April 14th later.

Zittrain suppressed on how today’s internet appliances and devices, that are neatly packaged and ready to use, have make us less concern on the freedom of open network. He takes a very good example such as iPhone and Xbox, where we are forced down to use what’s inside those devices and the softwares provided by the manufacturers who made them. Marsan has put a better saying for this issue in her article: “a world where mainstream technology can be influenced even revolutionized, out of left field.”

Unlike PC, where its main strength is it’s designed to run many 3rd party softwares; not just software written by the manufacturer. Our personal experience on the ease of use and the promise of security on special devices like iPhone, has driven all of us to give up that freedom.

To be continued on part. 2, source is from Network World via PC World here.

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