Sunday, April 20, 2008

AT&T enters the web browser market with “Pogo”

I couldn’t believer myself when I read the news from WebWare here, what’s AT&T doing in the tough competitive world of web browser? It’s a cruel competition in there, where you can easily get butchered sooner than well known analysts can predict. But “Pogo”, AT&T’s web browser name will be, seems to be ready competing with the existing big boys in the pool.
The main powerful attraction Pogo has is its 3D features called SpringBoard,;it enables 3D engine rendering for browser’s bookmarks, history & multi-home page. As you can see in the picture left, Pogo will take snapshots images of the websites you’ve visited and display them in cells, so you’ll flipping them like index cards. Those cells can be tagged and categorized; Pogo will remember them all and will be able to search them through its integrated Google search engine.
All of those eye-candy features are thanks to the combination of AT&T’s Vizible technology and Mozilla’s browser code, looks like Vizible is still waiting for Firefox 3 code before becoming available for private beta in May.
I believe a new web browser is always welcome, especially as long as it stays free or has reasonable price range. We’ll have to wait till Pogo is ready to be reviewed, until then it’ll be more interesting to see what other web browser developers have in their arsenal to fight back Pogo’s new 3D features.

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